Teacher Training

Empowering A New Generation of Leaders Through Diversity Education

American Conference on Diversity offers workshops that are designed to change the way we look at each other, ourselves, and our neighbors. Our workshops and presentations are customized to meet specific needs identified by the schools or districts with which we work.

Our programs can help schools:

  • Address problems related to diversity and inclusion (e.g. cliques, bullying, bias-related behaviors, social isolation, etc.)
  • Enhance or build leadership skills among students
  • Take preventive measures to address diversity awareness, bullying, prejudice, inclusion of new populations, etc.
  • Deliver professional development to administrators, faculty, and/or staff

Professional Development

What it entails: Workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals and paraprofessionals in the areas of diversity & inclusion, implicit bias, anti-bullying, and multicultural education

Who it serves: administrators, faculty, and staff

This program includes:

  • Experiential activities
  • Skill-building exercises
  • Introspective individual and/or group work
  • Facilitated dialogue
  • On-site training or off-site

Format: Half-day or full-day workshops on-site; alternatively a cohort can attend one of our Educators’ Institute sessions off-site with teams from other schools.