Partner with Us

Partner with Us

The combined strength of working together – Community, Education, and Faith-based Organizations

How to support our mission:

  • Serve as a speaker or panelist at events
  • Serve on our State Board Committees
  • Host meetings and events
  • Engage in donor cultivation
  • Lead annual fundraising activities
  • Champion diversity and inclusion issues in your area
  • Participate in our program and services

Join us as we continue the process of changing lives. Share in our commitment to empowering individuals and institutions to address issues of bias and discrimination and advocate for meaningful social change in our communities.

There is no better time than now – Connect with us.

We welcome donations of in-kind services such as:

  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Financial and Bookkeeping Services
  • Website Development and Updates
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Volunteers
  • Legal Services

Please contact us at (732) 875-0033 or email us your letter of interest along with your resume to