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What:  2-hour Webinar Delivered by American Conference On Diversity

Host:  Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President & CEO American Conference on Diversity

Talking about race and diversity matters remains to be a challenge for individuals from multiple backgrounds. In addition to systemic and institutional racism, conversations about religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, class, immigration are just as complex. To bridge the gaps across these diverse lived experiences, individuals need courageous and brave spaces for open and honest dialogue. Bold spaces are created by individuals willing to confront fear, expose vulnerability, and commit to the arduous practice of unlearning biased attitudes and behaviors.  

COVID-19 and Cross Cultural Healthcare- How Do Your Providers Rate?

What: Healthcare Disparities National Webinar sponsored by the American Conference on Diversity

Host: Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO American Conference on Diversity
Speaker: David B. Hunt, J.D., President and CEO, Critical Measures



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