During this defining moment in history, it is vital that the American Conference on Diversity stands by the nation’s values of freedom, civil liberties, and inclusion. ACODWatsonQuote

We urge advocates to bravely stand up and take action to fight bias, bigotry, and hate. We ask our political leaders to oppose the recently imposed executive orders setting limitations and barriers to attaining the fundamental rights to practice religion, equal protection of laws, and the freedom of speech. The subjugation of the sacred lands of Standing Rock and the banning of nationals from Muslim-majority countries all rip through the fabric of what this country stands for. The liberation of those who are often most vulnerable in our society is bound up with those who consider themselves invincible.

As demonstrated by the recent Quebec mosque shooting, Standing Rock, and the rising tide of hate, there are real dangers for individuals whose identities are tied to faith and country of origin. But we’re all at risk in a nation that takes pride in the promise of the people! The uprising of protest and resistance to exclusionary policy and practice across the nation and globe speaks to the desires to value humanity. When individuals are ostracized and vilified, a platform is created where fear turns into hate and gives license to violence. When we stand on common ground, our intersectionalities are the ties that bind us.

The American Conference on Diversity stands in solidarity with all individuals who work to preserve our land and have made this nation home, contributing to the richness of our communities. New Jersey takes great pride in being the state with the third-largest share of immigrants in the nation and the most diverse, with immigrants from all over the world, including refugees. Jersey City is the nation’s most diverse city. In addition, New Jersey and California are tied with the highest share of Syrian immigrants in the country.

In contrast to this remarkable diversity, NJ ranks no. 4 with the most active hate groups in the US, according to Southern Poverty Law Center. We will work tirelessly until we achieve respect and understanding among all people, despite our differences. The American Conference on Diversity, just like our founding organization The National Conference for Christians and Jews, is dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry, and racism. No one is free until all of us, not just some of us, are free.
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Elizabeth Williams-Riley

President and CEO

The American Conference on Diversity