The 2016 Election has left our nation with more questions than answers regarding the civil liberties and the climate of acceptance and inclusion. Our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities are with the desire to have our truths heard and acknowledged. We all must expect and accept. The current state of our nation has made us realize we have to expect unrest when bigotry threatens the very fabric of justice and accept that just because it’s not your reality, it very well may be the reality of someone else.

The number of hate crimes that has occurred locally and nationally in the past few days are a real testament to the harmful impact of bias and bigotry. Oppression breeds emotions of fear, anxiety, distrust, anger, sadness, and even guilt. Liberation provides hope, confidence, courage, and willingness to move forward with dignity and respect. The American Conference on Diversity will continue to tackle “America’s unfinished business.”

“We need to make extra sure no one sees these election results as a legitimization of hate and bigotry,” says Tim Giordano, a member of the American Conference on Diversity Board of Trustees and Montclair State University School of Communication and Media Adjunct Professor.

“Our work is to set standards of attitudes and behaviors that will not set barriers or limitations for anyone. It is our collective responsibility to embrace our diversity and fight against divisiveness,” says our President & CEO Elizabeth Williams-Riley

Many people have been asking the American Conference on Diversity: “What can I do? Where are we headed? How can I have conversations on issues of bias, bigotry, and racism?” Our answer: We’re here to help and serve as your resource. The American Conference on Diversity works with schools, workplaces, and community groups to educate and engage in diversity and inclusion conversations to advocate for change.

But change starts with you! By joining forces with the American Conference on Diversity, we can continue to raise awareness and build a wall of resistance to root out all forms of hate. Get involved by:

Making a donation. Your financial support helps us expand our programmatic efforts to build more inclusive schools, workplaces, and communities while empowering individuals to stop bullying and interrupt racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic behaviors.

Joining our advisory board. Diversity professionals who become part of the advisory board help guide the organization in the development and implementation of effective programming and fund-development initiatives. If you’re interested, please send an email with your bio (500 words or less) to and include “ACOD Advisory Board” in the subject line.

Attending our No Hate Town Hall event. On January 12 at Kean University, we will hold a public forum. The Town Hall will feature speakers from academia and the public domain who will have an honest, open dialogue on hate, bias, and bigotry. To register for the event, visit Call (732) 745-9330 for sponsorship opportunities or if you’re interested in hosting a No Hate Town Hall event at your educational institution.

Other ways you can make a change? Earn volunteer hours, apply for an internship position, or provide pro bono services for American Conference on Diversity. Learn more here and connect with us today!

About the American Conference on Diversity

The American Conference on Diversity is dedicated to building just and inclusive schools, workplaces, and communities through awareness, education, and advocacy. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1948 as the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Today the programs, services, and initiatives of the American Conference on Diversity are among the most important work focused on creating a more inclusive society. It is the unfinished business of living in a highly diverse nation: educating and empowering our next generation of leaders, enhancing our workplaces, and helping to create inclusive communities. Visit to learn more.