JOIN the American Conference on Diversity’s volunteer advisory team
as we educate and empower leaders to promote respect among all
races, religions, and cultures. Did you know that NJ ranks #3 with
the most active hate groups in the nation? It’s going to take an
unprecedented amount of effort to continue to create more inclusive
schools, workplaces, and communities.

ACOD is looking for ambassadors in the tri-state area who are
committed to D&I to join our 2016 team of volunteer leaders. Working
with diverse volunteers is one of the ways we build bridges across
cultural divides, and provides you with excellent opportunities for
personal and professional growth. We are seeking individuals who
have a personal and professional interest in social-justice work and
are willing to support the growth and sustainability of ACOD
programs and services. If you are interested, please email your
resume/bio to Elizabeth@AmericanConferenceOnDiversity.org.