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The BOARD BANK™is an initiative of the American Conference on Diversity developed with the Council on New Jersey Grantmakers. The BOARD BANK™ provides matching opportunities between individuals within Corporate and Community “Partner” organizations that wish to expand their community and philanthropic involvement and Nonprofit and Foundation Member” organizations that wish to ensure a representative board of trustees or board of directors reflecting New Jersey’s significant and rapidly growing diversity.

There is a nominal annual fee for BOARD BANK™ Corporate and Community Partners; there is no fee for foundation and non-profit organization members. BOARD BANK™ Partners and Members.

Leading with Diversity, a program that looks at board service through a diversity and inclusion lens, will be offered for all of our corporate and nonprofit BOARD BANK™ Partners and Members. The 2013 program was held Nov. 5 fr at the PSEG TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT CENTER,  Edison (NJ). The program is free for BOARD BANK™ Corporate and Community Partners  but preregistration is required.  Click this link to register for the program.  Please contact us if you are not a BOARD BANK™ Partner or Member.


Businesses, academic institutions and corporations are eligible to become a BOARD BANK™ Partner. Partners can enroll up to six established or emerging leaders in the BOARD BANK™ as a BOARD candidate. If your company or organization would like to become a BOARD BANK™ Partner, please contact Renee Ayers, director of professional development services, by phone ( 732-745-9330) or email. If your company or organization is already a BOARD BANK™ Partner and you would like to submit a BOARD BANK CANDIDATE application, please complete the BOARD BANK Candidate application.



Non-profit organizations and private foundations are eligible to become a BOARD BANK™MEMBER; there is no membership fee. If your non-profit organization or foundation would like to become a BOARD BANK™Member, please submit the Member application by completing the BOARD BANK Member Application. Please contact Linda Tondow, vice president operations and community relations, by email  or phone (732-745-9330 x25) if you have any questions.


  1. Who decides who “Matches?”
    Matches are mutually agreed upon by the Board candidate and the non-profit organization or private foundation. The American Conference on Diversity’s role is to help with preliminary vetting and make the introduction.
  2. Can my organization join at any time of the year?
    Participation in the program is open throughout the year.
  3. Is there a fee to participate?
    Businesses, academic institutions and corporations become BOARD BANK™ PARTNERS and pay a nominal annual fee and can enroll up to six leaders in the program. There is no fee for non-profit organization and foundation BOARD BANK™ MEMBERS.