What the program is:
Bringing two demographically different schools together, students are able to explore the disparities and similarities that exist among them. Interested schools complete the School Swap Interest Form. We then attempt to match schools based on the demographic make-up of the student body, location, and/or school type.
This program allows participants to experience a day in the life of their peers from different schools.
Who it serves:
Middle and high school students
Program Format:
School Swap takes place over the course of two non-consecutive days. Each participating school selects a group of up to 25 students to participate in the program. Matched schools have the opportunity to select their own School Swap days, preferably one in the late fall and one in the spring.
Each partnered schools has the opportunity to serve as the “host” school on one of the two days. The host participants have a visiting student assigned to them. Visiting participants follow the host participants for the day, attending all classes and partaking in all of the hosts’ activities through 2/3 of the school day. Afterwards, the host students and the visiting students come together to dialogue about their experience. During their discussion, students will address the following:
The differences and similarities between the schools
Their expectations of the school vs. their actual experience
The impact of different geographic, socioeconomic, racial and other demographics on school culture
We provide a pre-program discussion guide for school groups in preparation for the Swap, a School Swap manual, a logistics guide for student pairings, and an evaluation to measure student responses and efficacy of the program.
We can also provide professionals to facilitate the School Swap ice breakers and large group discussions that take place prior to and following the Swap.
Schools are responsible for School Swap planning meetings, dates, transportation costs, administrative approval, hosting the partner school, and organization of events for the day.
Program Cost:
Please contact us for more information on pricing.
Click here to complete the School Swap Interest Form.


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