Diversity & Inclusion
Leadership Development Training
           Individual Analysis
Transformative work that fosters cultural sensitivity in diverse work environments
Educational awareness sessions coupled with experiential workshops equipping leaders across work environments with greater self-awareness
One-on-one diversity work sessions providing personal learning and growth opportunities for clients

 I felt like the training that you all did took this conversation to the next level.   . . . For AARP in New Jersey, it is important for this conversation to take place, and to have a safe place where we can explore our own diversity, that of our state, and look at the challenges that we face as a society and individually in “doing for all”. You all provided that experience, and created that safe environment for people to honestly voice their viewpoints and experiences.  I heard about many people who feel like they are older and wiser walking away with light bulb moments, and a little healthy discomfort as the they realized that creating an inclusive environment is a process and not a destination that has been reached.
Mary Beth Dixon, MSW AARP’s Associate State Director–Outreach
The training was highly useful and challenged me to look deeper into my management style and identify development opportunities.
Marcelo P. Rodriguez Associate Managing Director, Prudential Financial