Lead for Diversity has a rich legacy, not just in New Jersey. In 1956, in the Los Angeles area, teens attended a diversity awareness and human rights camp called Anytown USA. Anytown was created by NCCJ-Los Angeles to help Los Angeles schools address desegregation. Due to its tremendous success, Anytown was replicated in Arizona, and then in other locations, eventually being incorporated in over 64 cities and regions across the country. In 1995, Anytown came to New Jersey. Anytown, NJ was renamed Lead for Diversity in 2006. While there are many programs across the country that have been modeled after Anytown, American Conference on Diversity continues to be proud to carry on the original Anytown legacy that has for over six decades educated and empowered generations of youth leaders. The program has been featured in numerous articles in papers throughout the United States, and was even featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.