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 Educators’ Institute

From youth social justice programs to educators’ trainings on creating more inclusive classrooms to facilitated community dialogues, our organization reaches thousands of people annually through our work.  ​The American Conference on Diversity’s vision is to create and enhance a society that embraces social justice for us all.  Our work values diversity, educates and empowers leaders, and promotes inclusion and respect in schools, workplaces, and  communities. The journey to make a difference begins with your continued commitment to become part of the difference. Our work with educators:

  • ​ Introduces concepts of diversity, inclusion, and multicultural education to families and teachers

  • Engages participants in experiential learning and large group discussions about how diversity and social justice identities affect them as individuals, and the impact these have on their ability to best support their children/students

  • Provides tangible strategies for having difficult conversations around diversity with young people, and empowers participants to engage their children/students in dialogue around the diversity they experience everyday

  • Offers a roadmap for educators to use as follow­up and ongoing education for the year­long diversity initiative, including  key resources and recommended activities.

To get more information about upcoming Educators’ Institutes, contact us at 732-377-2081.

I thought that this was the most valuable conference that i have attended this year. The facilitators were fantastic. Their inclusion of all participants was wonderful. The material covered was not only informative, but also extremely helpful.
Robert A. Marotto
Middle School Assistant Principal, Rutgers Preparatory

The Educators’ Institutes I attended were informational and provided me with the tools I need to face the problems that come with urban education in a multicultural setting. The American Conference on Diversity Educators’ Institutes have paved the way for me, as a teacher, to begin to do something about the educational gap that exists in my classroom. I am fortunate to have learned many valuable lessons and I have continued to direct this information to other teachers in my department.
Erma Percival
Dept. Coordinator, Applied Tech, Business, Family & Consumer Science, Dickinson High School