Diversity Stride Walkathon

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Each year social justice advocates, change agents, students, community leaders, corporate employees, youth-based organizations, families, cultural groups, friends and teams of walkers enjoy a leisurely 5K walk in a select New Jersey city park.

Hudson County students express their thoughts about diversity through art.  The winner of the “Ann Marley Spirit” award is presented a special award and cash prize. Three students win cash prizes for their Diversity Stride artwork.

The Diversity Stride promotes community unity and helps to ensure our neighbors of all races, faiths, ethnicities, identities and ages know that they are valued and respected.

You will enjoy cultural entertainment as well as DJ and refreshments and the sense of fulfillment that comes along with valuing diversity and promoting respect. Community organizations and corporations show their support and set up exhibitor tables to share with the community how they are champions for diversity and inclusion.

All Diversity Stride proceeds benefit our youth leadership programs, which help to provide more diversity education and leadership development training to students throughout New Jersey. Through our LFD program, our graduates are able to reach thousands of students through their action plans on campus.

Our programs create change agents, address bullying, and prepare the next generation to lead in our schools, our workplaces, and in our communities.

Register here.

Email us to learn how you can volunteer for the Diversity Stride June 2016!

Sunday, June 26th, 2016 

at Liberty State Park

Make a difference without leaving your home, school, or office.

Contact: Pat Jones | Phone: 973-672-3212 | Fax: 732-745-9419

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:   Do I have to register in advance?
  • A:  Advance registration is strongly recommended to make sure that you and your team will have an easy check in process. However, on-site registration will be available.
Q: How long is the walk?
  • A: 5K (3 miles)…two full laps around the designated route at the Park.
Q: Will food/snacks be provided and if not, will food vendors be available for people to purchase food?
  • A: Light refreshments such as fresh fruit, granola bars, raisins, etc. will be available in the Pavilion as walkers conclude their walk.
Q: Do we need to provide water for our team(s) / employees / volunteers?
  • A: Bottles of water have been donated for a water station along the walk route; however, some teams also provide water for their walkers.
Q: Where should people park?
  • A: On site Parking lot available.
Q: Will there be adequate restrooms?
  • A: The Park has a restroom facility near the ACOD registration, activities and ribbon cutting is taking place. 
Q: Are other events taking place during the walk?
  • A: Other than park goers playing tennis or baseball, we know of no other events planned during the Diversity Stride Walk 

Special thanks to our 2015 participants! Diversity Stride Walk-A-Thon.