Our Youth Conferences and Assembly Programs are for larger groups of students. Assembly programs run generally 90 minutes to 2 hours. Our Conferences typically last 5 hours.






Break the Cycle: Be the Change Assembly Program

What is the program:
Using performing arts, we spark conversations about issues of social justice, bullying, and discrimination and give students a space to explore their own identities.
To help students better understand how prejudice and bias manifest and can lead to bullying and discriminatory behaviors.
Who it serves:
Middle, high school, and college students
Program Format:
This is a ninety-minute to two-hour presentation combining interactive activities, skits, and dramatic readings. Every presentation is tailored to be age-appropriate for the audience for whom it is being delivered and can be customized to address the specific issues pertinent to our clientele. Past presentations have focused on ability status, bullying, gender issues, racial conflict, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.
An optional facilitated small group discussion following the presentation runs an additional hour to 90 minutes.
Program Cost:
Starting at: $1500
Additional charges for assemblies with over 300 attendees



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