[ezcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””] David Persaud hands painting
David Persaud Mural[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]American Conference on Diversity
recognizes the important contributions our youth make in furthering tolerance, kindness, and collaboration. The Ann Marley Spirit Award is given to a Jersey City Public Schools high school student whose artwork embodies American Conference on Diversity’s mission to promote inclusion and respect. According to Ann Marley, Jersey City Public Schools Visual Arts Supervisor, “The award recipient goes that extra mile not only in their work but in helping others.”

The 2014 Ann Marley Spirit Award winner is David Persaud, a senior from Lincoln High School. David will be honored at the 2014 Diversity Stride Walk, which will be held in New Brunswick at Buccleuch Park on Saturday, June 14.

David arranged for his peers to work with him to create a mural project, which took eight months to finish. He also created a painting on canvas of handprints. According to David, the significance of the painting is that, “Each hand has a flag, representing the idea that no matter where you come from at the end of the day we are all the same and if we unify as one we are stronger.”

Congratulations to David and each of the fifteen other nominees and their school Art Specialists:[/ezcol_2third_end]

David Persaud, Lincoln High School (S. Yeghiazaryan, Art Specialist)
Jameeria Gross, Jersey City ARTS High School (C. Frazier-Art Specialist)
Nyoki Jones,  Jersey City ARTS High School (J. Ward-Art Specialist)
Daniela Coca, Jersey City ARTS High School (J. DiFeo-Art Specialist)
Alisa Reid, Jersey City ARTS High School (P. Yuscavage-Art Specialist)
Geraldine Ligon, McNair (N. DiRienzo, Art Specialist)
Charlotte Marino, McNair (S.Mallm, Art Specialist)
Ebony Drew, Snyder High School (D. Scott, Art Specialist)
Crystal Stelling, Snyder High School (S. Sciscilo, Art Specialist)
Devaughn Fishburne, Liberty High School (L. Schwichtenberg, Art Specialist)
Ami Patel, Dickinson High School (M. Cuccinello, Art Specialist)
Yarisleidy Restituyo, Dickinson High School (J. Tiongson, Art Specialist)
Ibrahim Toure, Ferris High School (R. Federico, Art Specialist)
Rose Francisco, Ferris High School (O. Cuevas, Art Specialist)
Shiara Solimna, Ferris High School (C. Berry Art Specialist)
Randy Antenor, Infinity Institute (L. Shearwood, Art Specialist)