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NJ Colleges and Universities Gather at NJCU to Discuss the Charge for Diversity in a Climate of Globalization

On Nov. 18, the American Conference on Diversity in partnership with New Jersey City University (NJCU) and several other colleges and universities throughout the state held the annual Diversity Issues in Higher Education conference for more than 200 engaged and enlightened leaders from tri-state-area schools, communities, and workplaces, including Judge Lawrence M. Lawson, Of Counsel…


Election 2016: Where Do We Go From Here? Change Starts With You!

  The 2016 Election has left our nation with more questions than answers regarding the civil liberties and the climate of acceptance and inclusion. Our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities are with the desire to have our truths heard and acknowledged. We all must expect and accept. The current state of our nation has made…


Welcome New Jersey Resources’ Rhonda Figueroa to the ACOD Board of Trustees Advisory Board

The American Conference on Diversity (ACOD) Board of Trustees, staff, and constituents are proud to welcome Rhonda M. Figueroa, Corporate Diversity Officer at New Jersey Resources, as the newest member to the Board of Trustees Advisory Board. “Ms. Figueroa exemplifies the leadership New Jersey needs to embrace differences and build bridges across cultural divides,” said…


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A non-profit agency headquartered in New Jersey, American Conference on Diversity provides diversity trainings for businesses; experiential workshops and youth leadership programs for high school and college students; and professional development workshops for educators. Our roots date back to 1927 with the establishment of the National Conference of Christians and Jews in New York City. We have been providing human relations, diversity, and inclusion trainings, workshops, programs, and events throughout New Jersey and neighboring areas since 1948. Join us as we continue the process of changing lives. Share in our commitment to empower individuals and institutions to address issues of bias and discrimination and advocate for meaningful social change in our communities. There is no better time than now to get connected with us.