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American Conference on Diversity Welcomes New Board of Trustee Members

The American Conference on Diversity announces new Board of Trustee members and appointments. The organization’s Board of Trustees serve as ambassadors to expand the reach and scope of the American Conference on Diversity’s mission for social justice. Committed leadership is essential during an era that demands we pay attention to human relations and its impact…


America’s Unfinished Business: Inherent Police Bias

By Elizabeth Williams-Riley The sobering statistics in this article along with the legacy of injustice toward Black males and inherent bias by law enforcement contribute strongly to today’s gulf of mistrust between law enforcement and communities. The image of the dangerous and violent Black male is rooted in the desire for freedom during captivity as…


American Conference on Diversity Statement on the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

  With the St. Louis County grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., the American Conference on Diversity supports reforms that would help end unnecessary police shootings from occurring in the future. The organization would like this tragic incident to increase…


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    American Conference on Diversity provides diversity training to businesses, educators, and youth.A non-profit agency headquartered in New Jersey, American Conference on Diversity provides diversity trainings for businesses; experiential workshops and youth leadership programs for high school and college students; and professional development workshops for educators. Our roots date back to 1927 with the establishment of the National Conference of Christians and Jews in New York City. We have been providing human relations, diversity, and inclusion trainings, workshops, programs, and events throughout New Jersey and neighboring areas since 1948. Join us as we continue the process of changing lives. Share in our commitment to empower individuals and institutions to address issues of bias and discrimination and advocate for meaningful social change in our communities. There is no better time than now to get connected with us.